ClearWater Initiative is a U.S.-based 501(c)3 non-governmental organization that strives to provide clean, potable water solutions to populations in need and educate the public about the importance of clean water.

Our Mission

ClearWater Initiative promotes simple, sustainable solutions for the provision of clean water in northern Uganda. We strive to achieve this mission through technical excellence, responsible use of donor funds, collaboration with local communities,and compassion for the needs of individuals overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their control. ClearWater Initiative funds both established and innovative clean water solutions, such as borehole repairs, protected springs and well drilling, with an emphasis on community involvement and relevant training.

Our Vision
ClearWater’s vision is to provide access to clean drinking water to those most in need. We strive to reduce the prevalence of waterborne disease in children and other vulnerable populations and seek to be a leading innovator in the water and sanitation sector by implementing new methods and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our projects.

Our Philosophy
ClearWater Initiative operates on the principle of simplicity. We use locally procured materials to ensure that repair parts are available. We rely on Ugandan engineers and labor from local communities to provide employment and skills training, empowering the community to take ownership of each water source. Our projects are guided by the counsel of local experts and are approved by relevant local water officials, and our project costs are transparent and posted on our website. Building sustainable water projects is not a simple task, and thus we seek innovative methods to train locals and develop funding techniques for the local communities to cover maintenance costs.

Our Documents

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In accordance with ClearWater Initiative IRS Form 1023 Filing, we are required to inform you that ClearWater Initiative has ultimate authority to use contributions made to ClearWater at the discretion of the Board of Directors, for purposes consistent with the ClearWater Initiative tax-exempt purpose. That said, rest assured that ClearWater will only use your donations to provide clean water to people in need.

ClearWater Initiative Corporation is organized under the laws of the State of Connecticut, United States.